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Central Vacuum


What is a central vacuum system? Think about how your central air conditioning works. You have vents in every room that cool air gets blown out of. The cool air is blown from a central blower fan and condensing unit. Now reverse the air flow. When a vacuum hose is attached to the suction vent in a room, the central unit sucks the dirt and dust back to the collection point, usually outside the house.

Central vacuum systems have become more popular due to the increased power compared to their portable cousins. A normal portable vacuum generally cleans with an airflow between 60 and 90 cfm (cubic feet per minute), whereas a central system’s airflow can be up to 185 cfm. That’s two to three times the cleaning power!

Traditional bag vacuums have been proven to leak dust back into the room during vacuuming. This doesn’t occur with central systems. All the dust and dirt is removed from the home, making it a cleaner and less allergenic environment. And since the motor is typically located outside the home there is a huge reduction in noise generated by the motor.

A well designed and perfectly installed Central Vacuum system will add value to your home, and most importantly, help you keep your dream home clean and tidy. SSA excels at installing Central Vacuum systems in Raleigh, Cary, Benson, Holly Springs, Clayton, Garner and all parts of the Triangle. So, call us today and we will help you build the Central Vacuum system of your dreams!

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