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Structured Wiring


You may not have heard the term ”Structured Wiring” before but this is also commonly known as ”smart home” or ”future proof” wiring. Structured wiring works by feeding all of the outlets designated for phone, cable, and data from a central location, in what is commonly referred to as a €˜home run configurations€™. Typically you will find and access panel in a closet that will allow endless variations of how the cables in the home will be used. In short, Structured Wiring gives you the Home of the Future!

Increasingly, Internet, data, and computer network reliability in today’s homes is becoming more crucial as the technologies that enhance our lives become more integrated and sophisticated. You can’t even buy a simple DVD player these days and enjoy all its features without planning for an internet connection for it. When installing a structured wiring system, you have many choices. Even if you may not need all the capabilities that advanced cables can provide right now, they may be just what you need in the future! That’s why it’s important that your home’s voice and data cabling system be designed from the ground up and installed by professionals here at SSA for optimum performance, reliability and security.

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